Post-stroke conditions are the leading cause of acquired disability in adults. Rehabilitation can help stroke survivors reducing the chance of disability and increasing the mobility to back to normal life, but the performance of current rehabilitation cannot meet the patient’s needs.

Neurgeon implemented a closed-loop feedback rehabilitation system that can significantly improve the rehabilitation performance as the nature of stroke rehabilitation is making the brain re-learning the lost function and feedback will speed up the learning process and improve learning outcome.

We hope our technology will help stroke survivals achieve daily life independent more quickly, easily and cost-effectively.


Brown Xu is an engineer with a multidisciplinary background across biomedical, computer science and cybersecurity. Brown graduated from the University of Sydney and have two Master degree in computer science and has over 11 years of working experience as an ICT engineer. Brown has completed the Medical Device Commercialisation Training Program provided by NSW Health in 2018 and now aims to commercialise his research outcome on closed-loop rehabilitation device.


Brad Deveson, Principal, Falling Cats Consulting

After software development adventures in the early days of the PC, Brad founded BIS in 1991 as a custom software development company. In 1998 the company pivoted to focus on corporate expense management which was a growing B2B sector. Brad and his team grew the company to 65 large organisations including Woolworths, AMP, GPT, the ATO, the Northern Territory Government and many others. Brad exited in 2014 but the company, now is going strong.